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Louisville, KY

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"If you're not riding with skill, you're riding with luck. Eventually, your luck will run out."




This is an advanced riding course. You MUST have the motorcycle endorsement for your license  & Proof Of Insurance to take this course.

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Advanced Level Class $150

​Class Location:   12000 Westport Rd Louisville, KY

Manning Equipment Parking Lot


Please note Manning Equipment is not affiliated with classes and should not be contacted for any reason.

Class Time:  8am (unless otherwise noted on the Class Registration page)

​Our class is for the experienced rider wanting to enhance their motorcycle riding skills. This course is based on actual Police Motor Officer training and it will improve your confidence and skills at least 100%.


This class and is NOT for receiving your motorcycle endorsement.​


​You can reserve your spot for a class by selecting your desired class date on the Class Registration page. 


 If you cannot attend the class you selected, you will be allowed to attend another class within the same calendar year. Be sure to review the Class Requirements if you decide to sign up for a class. Each class is limited to 12 students.​​​


​We offer special rates for returning students and groups of at least 5 students.


​​Class will be held in a light rain, so we recommend that you bring rain gear with you on the day of your class if there is any chance of rain in the forecast. Motorcycle tires can develop a considerable amount of traction on wet pavement, and rain will not prevent the student from being able to perform the class exercises.

We may cancel a class in the event of heavy rain or severe weather in the forecast, or another unforeseen circumstance. If a class is cancelled, the student will receive notification from us via email.  The student may reschedule for the next available class. If the student is not able to reschedule, the class deposit will be refunded.​

​The class will last about 6 hours. We provide water for the students to drink during the class. We recommend that you bring a snack if you think you will need something to eat. 


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This is an advanced riding course. You MUST have the motorcycle endorsement for your license  & Proof Of Insurance to take this course.


​When registering for a class, if you select a class with insufficient space remaining in the class, a "Sold Out" message will appear when checking out for payment. You will have to either select fewer spots in the class or select another class with sufficient space remaining. If you have a group and can't find a scheduled class that will accommodate your entire group, please contact us about arranging a special class.